What is Dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a team sport that consists of players throwing balls at their opponents in an attempt to eliminate them with a direct hit. If their opponent catches the ball, the thrower is eliminated, and the opposing team gets to bring an eliminated player back in. The game is played until one side has lost all of their players.

Dodgeball is a gym class staple, played around the world with a variety of interpretations of the core rules as well as with many different forms of balls: rubber, no-sting, cloth and foam. When people think of dodgeball it is typically those early gym class memories that come to mind, either that or the often quoted 2004 movie.

The 2022 National Championships offer an opportunity to see the sport at it’s highest level as it has grown and evolved from those roots. It is fast, exciting and strategic. The sport is filled with dedicated athletes who are true competitors but also contibute to creating a community around the sport that is welcoming, inclusive and more fun than any other.