Team Name: Landslide
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta
Division: Men’s
Years Together: 1
Team Colours: Blue, White, Black
Past Accomplishments:  2020 Alberta Provincial Champions

Team Biography
Landslide is a Calgary based team with a mix of players from different styles of dodgeball. We consist of players from both Boss Dodgeball and YYC Dodgeball. Landslide was formed through the Calamity club. Calamity was born in late 2019 out of the necessity to create a competitive 7” program in Calgary. 3 players from Landslide have attended nationals previously on selects teams or when they were living in a different province.

Although we are newer to the style we are passionate about improving and getting our players recognized at a higher level. It has been an exciting few months developing our team work and being able to take first place at the Alberta provincials. We are very much looking forward to playing with Canada’s best in Edmonton and plan on showcasing the skill we have in Calgary.

3 – Sean Farren (C)
0 – Mike Khuu
1 – Shawn Chiem
4 – Nick Hui
5 – Dan Lac
7 – Nigel Wong
8 – Jon Bonneau
22 – Adam Bader

Front (L to R): Adam  Bader, Mike Khuu, Nigel  Wong, Jon Bonneau
Back (L to R): Sean  Farren, Shawn Chiem, Nick Hui, Dan Lac

Team Name: Mint
City: Edmonton
Province: Alberta
Division: Men’s
Years Together: 1
Team Colours: Green, White, Black Past Accomplishments: 2019 Dodge the Streets Champions, 2020 Alberta Provincial silver medalists

Team Biography
A fresh new look for a group of men, most of whom would be recognized as players from Edmonton Arsenal in years past.

2 – Paul Laking (C)
4 – Dwayne Hoppenbrouwers
8 – Kory Andel
9 – Brad Washbrook
11 – Xaysana Phavone
16 – Adam Webster
17 – Chris Berry
34 – Kyle Brisebois

Front (L to R): Paul Laking, Kyle Brisebois, Brad Washbrook Back (L to R): Chris Berry, Xaysana Phavone, Dwayne Hoppenbrouwers, Adam Webster, Kory Andel

Team Name: Earthquake
City: Calgary
Province: Alberta
Division: Men’s
Years Together: 1
Team Colours: Blue, Red and White
Past Accomplishments: Finished 4th in 2020 Alberta Provincial Championship

Team Biography
Boss Dodgeball. YYC Dodgeball. What happens when two seismic forces collide with one another? You get Team Earthquake. As proud representatives of Alberta, we aim to shake things up at the National stage. This is your early warning: don’t get too caught up in chasing after the top, or somebody’s going to come along and knock your feet right out from under you. “EARTHQUAKE!”

Earthquake is a first year team made up of members from the Calgary club Calamity. Team Earthquake was put together by a selection committee and is a combination of both Boss Dodgeball and YYC Dodgeball players. Although most of the team has never seen the national level, Earthquake is beyond excited to help represent the talent in Alberta and compete against the best in the country.

2 – Tanner Kuntz ( C )
7 – Daniel Watwood
9 – Eu-Jin Loo
11 – Sonu Bassi
21 – Tony Tran
26 – Alex Chiang
37 – Clayton Foster
71 – Ranjot Brar

Back (L to R): Tanner Kuntz, Daniel Watwood, Sonu Bassi, Ranjot Brar,
21 Tony Tran, Eu-jin Loo
Front (L to R): Clayton Foster, Alex Chiang