Team Name: Amiralys
City: Québec, Montréal
: Québec 
Division: Women’s
Years Together: Individual selection each year
Team Colours: Black and teal with white lys flower 

Team Biography
Second appearance of the team named Amiralys at Nationals. First time was last year in Charlottetown. Amiralys is the A team in the women’s division of the province of Quebec. Some players made this team few times in the previous years (Biron, Ford, Langevin, Jobin-Ross, Paris-Jodoin) and it will be the first appearance in this team for the others.  

Biron and Ford are co-captains together for the second time at Nationals. Last time is was in 2018. Ford was also captain in 2019. The coach is Amelie Moore from Ottawa.

3 – Biron ( C )
11 – Ford ( C ) 
2 – Bossé 
6 – Paris-Jodoin
27 – Jobin-Ross
28 – Bérubé
30 – Provencher
31 – Langevin
88 – Lamontagne

Team Name: Monarque
City: Québec City, Montréal, Drummondville
: Québec
Division: Women’s
Years Together: Individuals selected to form the team
Team Colours: Gradient of purple and teal with white lys flower

Team Biography 
First appearance at Nationals for the team Monarque. This team was given to the province this year because some provinces or territories did not send team. 

First time for all theses players at this tournament except for Groleau who was on Amiralys last year. They are extremely happy and grateful for the opportunity to be able to join the adventure and they are ready to learn and experience Nationals will all they have to offer.
Co-Captains are Groleau and Charlebois and the coach is Ian Assang from Ottawa.  

16 – Charlebois ( C )
29 – Groleau ( C )
02 – Fortier
5 – Blanchard 
8 – Gélineau
9 – Bellavance
14 – Duchesne
23 – Ghalayini
31 – Denis