Manitoba W

Team Name: Strike 1919
City: Winnipeg
Province: Manitoba
Division: Women’s
Team Colours: Black, red and white

Team Biography Strike (TMH Provincial team) recently won the MB Riel Cup to become the A team at Edmonton Nationals. We are comprised of ten women who are ready to take on the rest of Canada for the gold: Jenna-Dee, Miranda, Catie, Rodelyn, Tayler, Courtney, Julie, Meaghen, Sarah, and Morgan. Coach Andrew has been pushing us to better ourselves on and off the court, and his determination and drive are exactly what we needed to become an even better team.

4 – Sarah Blelloch
5 – Miranda Fogg
11 – Jenna-Dee Sanche
17 – Rodelyn Aaron
14 – Meaghen DeBaets
20 – Morgan Lecuyer
22 – Courtney Sarassin
25 – Tayler Yuel
85 – Julie McLaren
Catie Brady

Team Name: Prairie Fire
City: Winnipeg
Province: Manitoba Division: Women’s
Years Together: 0
Team Colours: Maroon
Past Accomplishments: Bronze at the 2019 Nationals. Finished second after round robin at the 2018 Nationals. Competed at the 2017 Nationals

Team Biography
Prairie Fire is the Mantioba Women’s B team. It is assembled by a Selection Committee and consists of ten highly skilled players. A huge thank you to our sponsors, VC Ultimate, Birchwood Infiniti and Birchwood Nissan.

3 – Jaycie Morris – C
16 – Amanda Furst – C
2 – Jenna McDonald
5 – Leah O’Hara
7 – Jaime Tapper
8 – Jenna Anderson
10 – Taisa Antoine
13 – Nicole Mraovic
19 – Guylaine San Filippo
69 – Jaime-Leigh Lundy

Team Name: Frostbite
City: Winnipeg
Province: Manitoba
Division: Women’s
Years Together: First year
Team Colours: Blue/Black (day one) – Purple (Day two)

Team Biography
Frostbite is Manitoba’s second individual selected team for the 2020 Championships. We are a wolfpack of fierce but lovable ladies.

7 – Natasha O’Reilly – C
12 – Kahleigh Krochak – C
00 – Mia Douchant
5 – Alanna Penner
10 – Celine Cote
13 – Julia Boudreau
16 – Micaela Bradford
21 – Bevonnie Brown
24 – Chantak Benjamin
33 – Emily Clark