British Columbia

Team Name: Hard As Foam City: Vancouver Province: BC
Division: Men’s
Years Together: 2
Team Colours: Black, white, teal
Past Accomplishments: 2020 and 2019 Provincial Champions

Team Biography
Brotherhood of eight dedicated players representing the Vancouver Dodgeball League.

4 – Byron Wong (C)
14 – Chris Vallance (C)
6 – Derek Stebbe
8 – Cody Burke
16 – Sam Ko
18 – Cody Vinish
22 – Shayn Solberg
89 – Pete Dekker

Front (L to R): Derek Stebbe, Pete Dekker
Back (L to R): Shayn Solberg, Sam Ko, Chris Vallance, Cody Burke, Byron Wong, Cody Vinish

Team Name: Hyper
City: Victoria
Province: British Columbia
Division: Men’s
Years Together: 2
Team Colours: Black/White
Past Accomplishments:  2019 BC Provincial Championships Silver Medal, 2020 BC Provincial Championships Silver Medal

7 – Dan Hoff
8 – John Clarke
10 – Alastair Beaumont
11 – Darin Brise
12 – Mackenzie Legacy
15 – Maxime Cloutier
22 – Doug Hinds
27 – Zion Leaf
69 – Matthew Ebert

(Left to right) Zion Leaf, John Clarke, Alastair Beaumont, Maxime Cloutier, Mackenzie Legacy, Dan Hoff (Missing: Doug Hinds, Darin Brise, and Matthew Ebert)

Team Name: Milkmen
City: Surrey
Province: BC
Division: Men’s
Years Together: 6 Months
Team Colours: Black/White/Purple
Past Accomplishments: Qualified for Nationals!

Team Biography
We are seasoned 8.25” dodgeball players from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Recently (Fall 2019) we began playing 7” style and enjoyed it. We put a team of our peers together, competed at provincials, and here we are. Excited to see and compete with Canada’s best!

13 – Nick Urbaniak (C)
17 – Peter Fenwick (C)
5 – Joey Fenwick (A)
7 – Milan Garcia
8 – Brae Schulte
9 – Carson Wong
11 – Dustin MacDougall
12 – Troy Derish
14 – Tavares Demelo

Back (L to R): Dustin MacDougall, Troy Derish, Peter Fenwick, Nick Urbaniak, Tavares Demelo
Front (L to R): Brae Schulte, Milan Garcia, Joey Fenwick, Carson Wong