British Columbia

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Team Name: VanCity Venom (but we prefer to be called just “Venom”)
City: Vancouver
Province: British Columbia
Division: Women’s
Years Together: September 2019
Team Colours: Purple, White and Black
Past Accomplishments: 2020 Provincial Champions

Team Biography
VanCity Venom was formed in September 2019. We are a group of young
women from the Greater Vancouver area, who have a passion and love for dodgeball. In the last 6 months, we have successfully placed first in three of four local tournaments and one tournament in Seattle, WA. It is an honour to demonstrate our skills and to represent our great province at the 2020 Canadian National Dodgeball Championships.

3 – Stella Vallance (C)
5 – Angélica Dale (C)
6 – Charmaine Garcia
10 – Keryn van der dijken
11 – Ada Chung
17 – Taylor Gerber
18 – Giselle Soo
26 – Lauren Mew
33 – Reggin Eraut

Back (L to R): Keryn van der Dijken, Stella Vallance, Taylor Gerber, Ada Chung
Middle Row (L to R): Giselle Soo, Charmaine Garcia, Angélica Dale
Front: Reggin Eraut
Missing; Lauren Mew

Team Name: Slaughter
City: Chilliwack, Surrey, Victoria, Whistler, Richmond, Aldergrove, White Rock
Province: BC
Division: Women’s
Years Together: >1 year
Team Colours: Red, Black, White
Past Accomplishments: Placed 2nd in 2020 Provincial Tryouts

Team Biography
We are a group of ladies from all over the lower mainland, Vancouver Island and all the way up to Whistler BC. Bringing us all together is the love of dodgeball; making note that the majority of the team had never even met before the first practice and others meeting the first day of tryouts. Each player brings a completely different skill set that is tremendously important to forming the team dynamic of driven, hard working, compassionate players that come together to go hard and leave everything on the court.

Team Roster
14 – Hannah Jarvis (C)
03 – Samantha Morrison
04 – Judy Soun
11 – Dianne Serrano
12 – Winnie Tran
13 – Ginnah Della Mattia
24 – Joanna Nguyen
25 – Kristina Jacklin
72 – Molly Pelletier

Back (L to R) Winnie Tran, Kristina Jacklin, Ginnah Della Mattia
Middle (L to R): Dianne Serrano, Joanna Nguyen
Front (L to R): Hannah Jarvis, Samantha Morrison
Missing: Molly Pelletier and Judy Soun

Team Name: Carnage
City: Surrey
: BC
Division: Women’s
Years Together: First-year together
Team Colours: Red and white
Past Accomplishments:  – Third place in BC Provincials 2020

Team Biography
Carnage is a women’s division BC team comprised of 9 ladies all 5’4 and under. Not only is this the first season for Carnage as a team, but for 7 of its players, it is also their first year in the WDBF 7’’ style of dodgeball. Our comradery, teamwork, years of playing in 8’’ dodgeball leagues, below-average heights and infectious team spirit gives us a unique take on the sport. Carnage is excited to dive headfirst into the world of 7’’ and is looking forward to witnessing the talent Canada has to offer at Nationals! 

1 – Jen Mc’person
3 – Jessica McInnes
4 – Rea Bruno
7 – Alyssa Jorger
9 – Christina Nguyen
12 – Brenna Ramsay
14 – Valentina Jiew
17 – Akina Pham
19 – Alyssa Wright

Back (L to R): Rea Bruno, Christina Nguyen, Alyssa Wright, Alyssa Jorger, Jessica McInnes Front (L to R): Brenna Ramsay, Akina Pham
Missing: Valentina Jiew, Jen Mc’person